Blog Post Week 2

This week in Lab I finally measured the mass of my plastics after the funnel extraction process and found that their wasn't actually much of a difference, not much plastic was lost and there was a significant amount of plastic left to reuse in the second process of the microplastics extraction but this time with NaCl. While beginning this project I did have two incidents that stopped me from continuing my project, but all was fixed within a couple of hours and I have continued the funnel extraction of microplastics from NaCl. The reason we are now testing the microplastics extraction with NaCl is because ocean water is basically Salt water and that is what the world revolves around. I predict that the difference of NaCl from DI Water will not make a difference because i basically is water still just wil salt added. On a side note I forgot I had a few cuts on my hand and when I was running the plastic with NaCl my wounds started to hurt and sting a little more, which was a pretty obvious affect but just thought I share that with you guys.


  1. I remember seeing you doing your funnel extraction process. I was so curious about what you were doing, and there you go, I got my answers. You have made a solid point by pointing out that the world "revolves" around salt water, but ever wondered to use both types of water for better data? It could be useful, or it could be a waste of time. Regarding micro plastics, I can’t wait to start working with you and Matt on shredding plastics. It will be fun.

  2. Hey Jasmine, I’m glad to hear that you were able to fix those small mistakes. I wonder what would’ve happened if you couldn’t fix them? Anyway, I think it’s quite interesting how you believe there will be little to no difference between using DI water and NaCl. Of course, time and your dedicated work will help give you results that can hopefully support your claim!


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